The Honeymooners – Day 7 – Juneau

This was another early day because we were going whale watching. I woke up thrilled to find that we finally had a cell signal! When I called Sprint before our trip, they could have told me, “Don’t worry about how much a phone call costs in Alaska, you can’t make phone calls in Alaska!”
Whale watching was okay, but they put too many people on one boat. So when you saw a whale on the left side of the boat (after 7 days, I still don’t know which is the Port side and which is the other fucking side of a boat), everyone went to the side with the whales! Luckily, I’m tall and I can put my iPad over everyone’s head. You’re behind me? Too fucking bad! I ended up taking another 100 pictures of almost seeing a whale. They would announce themselves by coming up for air. Then, you could hear all the camera shutters going off while the whale slowly came up just enough to see the humpback and then proceed down until you could see the tail. By the end of the excursion, Alana was disappointed that she didn’t see a few whales jump out of the water and splash back in like they do at Sea World. I told her, “Maybe you should just go to Sea World, bitch!” She retaliated by telling me that the noise the Sea Lions made reminded her of my snoring. She may have had a point.
After this, we got back on the bus to go to Mendenhall Glacier. So far on this trip when we have a bus driver, they’re both informative and entertaining. Yesterday’s bus driver was a hoot! Today’s made me wish I could take a nap. He was saying things like, “When I’m not doing this, I drive a school bus.” And, “I guess when I go home today, I’ll go blueberry picking because they’re in season this time of year.” You know, informative shit like that.
In the evening, for entertainment, we went to see “The Newlywed Game” but it wasn’t called that. They called it “The Marriage Game” and they had three couples sign up. The first couple looked to be in their 70s and they just got married. The second couple had been married for about 20 years and third couple had been married for over 40 years. It was entertaining enough but I just kept thinking how Alana and I should be up there. We would have been way more entertaining than those couples!
One of our differences as a couple is our comfort level while being in the spotlight. She is an introvert and I can be dangerous when you give me a microphone! I’ve had my fun while on this trip. It’s awesome to have people still coming up to me saying how much they enjoyed me in the “Yes/No Game.” Alana rolls her eyes as my head gets bigger.
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