Fun With Cover Letters

We recently advertised on Craigslist for a bookkeeper. We received too many resumes from people with no bookkeeping experience, so it was entertaining to me to read cover letters written by them to explain how their skills fit my job description. I decided to get out the red pen and correct this one. I hope you can read my notes because I had a lot of fun writing them!

They didn’t get the job!

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19 Responses to Fun With Cover Letters

  1. sockgarters says:

    My goodness, very proud of being as asshole, aren’t we? I value good grammar, and am put off by bad spelling and punctuation; I see quite a bit of it on the internet. But I also try to be a nice person and think that you help people correct errors and deficiencies like this through kindness. I would never want to publicly humiliate someone in this way or broadcast how much of a know-it-all I am. I’m curious, what email client made you chide this prospect? I use Hotmail, mostly; I expect you would think I am a loser because I don’t use something ‘superior’ like Gmail all the time. Hotmail, warts and all, suits my needs and I’ve used it for over a decade. Not all of us are obsessed with using the ‘right’ browser or email or brand of computer.

    This post really says something about you, and about this blog. No doubt some people will find it amusing, but all I see is a bully and a creep.

    (Yes, I’m being what some will see as oversensitive, or a concern troll, or whatever. I rarely comment on anything, but just as you saw the need to make an example of a job applicant… And, go ahead, make fun of my comment or of any punctuation errors I made. Have a ball.)


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  4. Daniel Kim says:

    You may have been too harsh with Ms.Stylist. ; )


  5. Mike says:

    Bravo for pointing out how far our literacy standards have dropped. I see letters similar to this on a daily basis, and they always make me cringe. I’ve actually gotten application letters written as if they were a text message (“im a good wrkr, would u pls txt me back”). Those required me to scour my eyeballs with a belt sander. I’m supposed to hire someone who can’t be bothered to type “you” instead of “u”? Really?

    Send in an application and then wonder why you don’t get hired? This is the reason. If you come across as a barely literate, buzzword-laden goof, you will not be taken seriously.

    Pro Tip: If you can’t take the time to click the spell-check button, please don’t bother applying.


    • Stephanie Cash says:

      I’m just curious: why do you say, “I see letters similar to this on a daily basis,” instead of “I see letters similar to this every day” (or “daily”)? I cannot understand the point of that expression, “on a daily basis.”


      • You’re right, he could have just said “daily.” he could have also used “like” instead of “similar,” Phrases like this get hooked into the subconscious and fall out onto the page without any consideration as to their real relevance. WordPress checks my grammar before I post and it tells me I write in the passive voice too much! It’s just my style, I guess. Thank you for your input.


  6. Laura says:

    This is so sad, really. The writer seemed earnest and eager and in need of a job (or at least a change of jobs). Too bad the writer didn’t have someone read this before it was sent. It saddens me to think that this person thought that the letter was adequate and didn’t realize the impression it makes.


  7. David says:

    Even more interesting than the terrible cover letter are the errors you gave a pass, e.g. “a large attribute to your company” still doesn’t make any sense and “I work great as a team”.


  8. Glass houses, you know. I glanced at some of your recent entries. Perhaps you should apply a similar scrutiny to your own blog.


    • Certainly I have some typos and other errors in my blog, but I’m not using my blog to get a job! This is my hobby. I have no advertising here, I’m not trying to make money on this site, and I usually have a max of 25 people reading each entry. I did this to make myself laugh and to make my close friends, who know my sense of humor, laugh. I scrutinized my resume and cover letters when I was seeking employment. I did well enough to be in a position to hire someone for my staff.


  9. Pamela says:

    Oh, I wholeheartedly agree that we should lighten up on those who can’t spell or use grammar properly! In fact, why don’t we just eliminate proper use of language entirely? If we can forgive the dozen or so mistakes in the cover letter highlighted in this blog post, let’s forgive them all! Everywhere! All the time!

    lulz cAn i haZ jobzzzzzz<3<3!!11111ELEVEN
    i werk gud 4 U ^-^

    Yes, indeedy! Let us be forgiving of those who couldn't be bothered to pay attention in grade school while the rest of us did! Let's give them the free ride we never had!

    Good? Yes?



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