The Homeymooners – Day 4

The Honeymooners – Day 4

Once again, I woke up before 6:00. I should be able to fall back to sleep, but I’ve never been able to do that very well. Our room is an outside room with a balcony. I sat out there and listened to the ship gliding through the ocean. It was very peaceful, but I got restless very quickly. I took another walk around the ship. No one is awake and walking around the ship at 6:00 AM, so I saw a few strange looks from the guys cleaning the decks after an overnight rain.

I finally found the buffet that opens early every day. I grabbed a coffee and a bowl of cereal and headed back to the room. By the time Alana and I went there for breakfast together, we experienced everything I hate about buffets! You have people filling their plates while going from station to station, and you have the people who follow the rules and stay in line while going through the stations. Today, I was in group two. By Saturday, I may be grabbing what I want while wielding my butter knife of death!
Even though the ship has an extensive list of things to do during the day and into the evening, it’s a challenge to find something the two of us agree is interesting enough to do. Here are some examples of activities we passed on:
“Stich & Chat”
“LGBT Get-Together”
“Ballroom at Sea”
“Line Dance Class”
“Shuffleboard Tournament”
“Creativity at Sea: Boxmaking”
The thing that saved our day today was an up-close view of the Hubbard Glacier. It was an incredible view, even with the cloud cover. There must be a reason, but the clouds to the left and right of the glacier were dark and ominous. The clouds over the glacier were the white, fluffy kind. The sun was shining over the glacier and surrounding mountain but nowhere else. So now I have to go through another 200 pictures to pick the best ones to share!
Later in the evening we went to a bar that had a game called “yes or no.” The object of the game was to have the host interview people who were not allowed to use the words yes or no in their responses during a three-minute interview. The first few people were taken out surprisingly fast. A few lasted over two minutes and one person won. I was the final contestant and I was ready for him! Almost all of the rest of this experience was a “had to be there” moment, but I had fun giving nonsensical answers and repeating some of the other contestants’ answers that made people laugh. I walked away with a baseball cap with “Alaska” on the front, and became a momentary star of the ship! Alana will never hear the end of my greatness!
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