The Honeymooners – Day 1

After much anticipation and planning, Alana and I began our honeymoon a month or so after our wedding. We chose an Alaskan cruise because I told her one time that I thought an Alaskan cruise would be a cool thing to do one day. To her, that meant plan an Alaskan cruise as soon as possible! We are now on our first full day of our honeymoon.

We began our travels by taking a flight from Cincinnati at 4:00 Wednesday. We stopped in Denver for a couple of hours and resumed our journey to Alaska. We landed at 11:00 in whatever time zone Alaska is in, which is four hours behind Cincinnati. That meant that our trip took us roughly 11 hours! The longest leg of the flight was 5-1/2 hours from Denver to Fairbanks.

There was only one glitch in this trip. I began to bitch and moan about how I was going to be stuck in the middle seat, with the window seat person weighing 350 pounds! Alana volunteered to take the middle seat even though she has “never taken the middle seat in my life!!! So I sucked it up and agreed to take the middle seat. We got on the plane and the guy in the window seat was a young man weighing no more than 150 pounds and who was not a bad-looking dude. Alana quickly volunteered to take the middle seat! I just said, “fine, but just make sure I’m the one you use to join the mile high club!”

After we landed, they put us on the wrong bus which sent us to the wrong hotel. They remedied that quickly and they took us to the correct hotel where we checked in for our one night stay. We woke up at 6:00 to get ready for a paddle boat sight-seeing adventure. It was here that we both realized that the rest of our trip will involve waiting in lines and/or getting to the front of the line only to wait for our elderly passengers to get their ass in gear! On the plus side, we’re faster than they are so we get the best seats wherever we go!

When this ended, we went on a 3-hour bus ride to Denali National Park. This trip included driving past a billion tall trees that lined both sides of the road! I haven’t seen much of Denali it yet, and the pictures I’m taking can’t do it justice. There’s just something about the mountains surrounding us that makes me stop and admire the beauty that surrounds me right now. It is literally breathtaking, and we’re only on day 1 of our Alaskan Adventure.

One recurring theme I’ve noticed so far is that Alaskans love their Sarah Palin! There was a gift shop that had a life-sized cardboard cutout of her. I promptly posed next to her to have my photo taken while grabbing her boob. Sarah’s smile seemed to grow as I did this. I’m going to steal her and do bad things to her! Alana has threatened to tear her head off. I’m pretty sure Alana would tear off the head of the real Sarah Palin!

We’ll, I guess tomorrow we’re going to look for Russia.

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