I’m Hungry!!!

Those who know me well know I can get kind of cranky when I get hungry.  I’m not talking about, “hey, my stomach is growling” kind of hungry.  I’m talking about, “I will eat the spleen of the next person who talks to me” kind of hunger!  When I get that hungry, you should throw some food at me and walk away quietly.

Last night, I planned on going home and cooking dinner.  This dinner would have been ready at 6:00, which would have put me at the stomach growling kind of hunger.  Instead, my brother asked me to drive him to pick up his car in Milford.  He always helps me when I need it, so I told him I’d pick him up at his house when I got off work no later than 5:30.  All was well and good until I hit traffic on the way to his house.  What should have been a 15 minute drive turned into 30 minutes.  It’s now 6:00 and time for dinner.  There was no food in sight.

We drove to Milford with somewhat lighter traffic, so I remained calm.  I dropped him off at his car at 6:30 and headed toward home.  By now, my hunger had grown exponentially!  Cars and traffic lights were my enemies and they must be punished if they slow me down!  Of course I hit every red light possible, but it was the one guy who stopped at the yellow light who really pissed me off!  I yelled something at him, forgetting that my top was down. I looked like an insane man ranting at the air.

As I approached I-71 South from I-275, I thought “how bad could traffic be at 6:45?”  How about parking lot slow?  Now starving and yelling like a mad man, I took Pfeiffer Road as a detour.  At this point, I blame myself.  I now had access to one restaurant after another and I could have stopped to eat.  Since I was on an assignment by Alana to pick up Arby’s for her, I thought I’d just get something near there (I HATE Arbys) and go home.  Wrong answer!

Going through a drive-thru pisses me off on a good day!  This Arby’s drive-thru speaker had a hand written note saying “Speak Loud.”  I had no problem with that!  I shouted my order, confirmed it with the idiot on the inside, told him no thanks on the biggie sizing, and drove around to the window.  You would think that my order would be ready fairly quickly since I was the only one in the drive-thru.  However, following the rule of the land that says “when Jim is hungry, make him wait as long as possible!”  I had to endure what seemed like 10 minutes to me (but was probably two minutes) to get the food and drive off.

I then went to Penn Station just around the corner.  Again, I was first in line (they have no drive-thru), so I thought all was well.  I placed my order and paid for it.  My order included a small fry, so I looked to see if I was going to get cold fries or if they were cooking a new batch.  When I saw they were doing neither, I said something to the girl who was standing there doing nothing “I ordered small fries, would you be so kind as to cook me some fries?”  Or at least that’s what I thought I said.  She probably heard, “Bitch, get me my fries before I see how long it takes for that grease to melt your face off!!!!”

By the time they handed me my food, I was like a drug addict going through withdrawal!  The DTs were in full swing by this time!  I grabbed the food, jumped into my car, and prayed there would be no delay getting home.  There was just one more light to go and, of course, it was red and the car in front of me was turning left!

A normal person would have ripped the bag open and eaten the fries while waiting.  Even though I was starving, I didn’t want the grease on the steering wheel.  When I got home, I threw Alana’s Arby’s bag on the table and launched into inhaling my food!  She just sat there like she was watching Hannibal Lecter eating liver & fava beans.  When I was finished, I finally said “hello.”  What she heard was  “Good evening, Clarice

It was now just past 7:00.  It was only one hour later than I planned to eat.  I was lucky I resisted the urge to kill someone during that hour.  Some people have road rage – I have hunger rage!  Next time you hear about a shooting at an Arby’s drive-thru, please bail me out!

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1 Response to I’m Hungry!!!

  1. Sibling #2 says:

    Ah, yes! I keep homemade trailmix in my car for such emergencies. Of course, I don’t like to be past the “I might be hungry” stage.


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